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It is the mission of Early Start Intervention Services, Inc. to provide the highest quality, evidence-based therapy and individualized support for clients and their families to promote functional communication, independence, social skills and self-advocacy.


It is the vision of Early Start Intervention Services, Inc. to instill hope through promoting positive change by providing innovative applied behavior analysis services to individuals with Autism in rural, underserved communities.

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Our Core Values

These Core Values are our guiding light that provide the road map for what we strive to model each day:

  • Acceptance:  We serve a diverse population of clients, ranging in different ages.  We strive to serve each family with empathy and compassion, with a focus of supporting the client and family, and working to meet their individual, unique needs.


  • Commitment:  We are committed to working diligently to overcome obstacles that may come, and we are committed to problem-solving with team members to modify and update programs and services as needed based on data-driven decisions and client and family input.


  • Integrity:  We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism.  We are ethical and transparent in all interactions with clients, families, and professionals.


  • Dignity and Respect:  We believe that it is our job to respect each client and team member, and to value their perspectives and desires.  We honor each person’s strengths and challenges, and value their dignity.


  • Success and Celebration:  We believe that all levels of progress should be celebrated and can mean a big victory for the client and their family.  We celebrate these successes with clients, families and teams.  We believe that celebrating small and large achievements promotes a positive, enriching learning environment.


  • Teamwork:  We believe that teamwork is imperative for overall success.  We establish the family as an important member of the overall team.  We provide parent coaching to support maintenance and generalization of skills.

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