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World Autism awareness day as a mental health concept and Autistic social developmental ed

Our Story

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As an Autism mom, and Special Education district administrator, Dr. Watkins realized how few services there were in rural communities of North Carolina, for families of children with Autism.  She also knows personally and professionally, how important early intervention services are for overall progress and development.   

Through this journey as a parent in the world of disabilities, specifically Autism, and as a result of her experiences in public education, Dr. Watkins decided to leave the world of public education, after 17 years of service, to continue to define her purpose in life. 

Dr. Watkins, and her husband, Derrick Watkins, also an educator and public school principal at the time, became focused on creating an ABA clinic where kids with Autism could feel safe, happy, relaxed, engaged, and where individualized progress  is the goal. 

Early Start Intervention Services, Inc. provides behavioral therapy to the Autism population, while also providing parent coaching, and more.  

Dr. Watkins and Mr. Watkins, work daily to lead the team of ESIS to create a space for clients and families to feel welcomed and safe, which is what they want for their own child and Autism family.​

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