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Autism Therapy

Our Services

We accept most major insurance plans.  Please contact Early Start Intervention Services, Inc, for any private insurance or Medicaid questions.

Universal Protocols

Safety, televisibility (dignity), and rapport are the priorities of the Universal Protocol. The goals of the protocol are to increase joy among people with Autism-- HRE-- and to prevent escalation to severe problem behavior by removing events/interactions that commonly evoke problem behavior and by reinforcing warning signs.

Play-Based Therapy

Comprehensive method of play-based therapy that addresses all developmental areas, mainly focusing on social-emotional, cognitive and language abilities, which are domains particularly impacted by Autism.


Assessing and teaching verbal language and functional communication to children with autism-- communicating wants and needs, or participating in complex conversational skills.  

Life Skills

Prioritizing essential life skills that improve the overall quality of life and dignity of the individual with Autism. Goals would focus on foundational skills for the child to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Social Skills

Being able to interact socially, is a challenge for many with Autism. Interventions would focus on things such as identifying thoughts and feelings, interacting with peers and adults, peer group opportunities, and more.

Parent Coaching

Parent goals and collaboration are vital throughout the entire process-- assessment, treatment planning, and in aligning intervention strategies within the home and community, as appropriate. Parent support and involvement are imperative at ESIS.

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